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Who Uses TenderTurf
schools • parks • daycares • churches • apartment complexes • recreation centers • outdoor exercise facilities

TenderTurf Creates Safer Playgrounds 
TenderTurf is an all natural product that is non-toxic and free of chemicals. It is a manufactured fibrous wood product consisting of uniformed wood fibers. Made in central Indiana, we only use fresh virgin wood chips. The wood chips are meticulously ground to conforming dimensions. Our manufacturing process provides TenderTurf with the proper consistency of fiber and fines creating not only the greatest impact resistant surface, but also a texture that will enhance the aesthetic value of any play area.

Easy and Convenient Order & Delivery
Forest Commodities makes your ordering process easy. We own our fleet of trucks, giving us the ability to guarantee next day delivery.

Certified Product
Upon delivery of your playground surfacing, you will receive a framed certificate that authenticates the quality of your TenderTurf.


What Are The Benefits?

what are the benefits

check mark Accessibility for physically challenged

check mark Friendly to the Environment

check mark No harmful chemicals 

check mark Budget Friendly

check mark Quick Draining 

check mark It’s all natural

Where Is It Used?

where is it used

check mark Playgrounds

check mark Hiking Trails

check mark Recreational Areas

check mark Exercise Areas

Is It Safe?

is it safe

check mark Meets ASTM International Standards for safety for playground standards

check mark Meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

check mark Energy absorbing solution for playgrounds 

check mark Engineered wood fiber, no chemical treatments or additives



What is TenderTurf?
TenderTurf is an ecofriendly energy absorbing Safety Surfacing used under and around playground equipment to help reduce serious injuries.

How long has Forest Commodities been manufacturing TenderTurf?
We have been manufacturing TenderTurf since 1997 at Martinsville Indiana location.  We have delivered to schools, churches, daycares, parks, and municipalities throughout the entire Midwest.

Does TenderTurf meet safety and accessibility standards?
TenderTurf has been tested and certified by an independent lab to meet ASTM-F1292-4 guidelines for impact testing, as well as ASTM-F10951-99 guidelines for wheelchair accessibility.

What depth should TenderTurf be installed?
TenderTurf should be installed at a depth of 12 inches. TenderTurf meets all impact testing at a height of 12 foot with a depth of 12 inches.

Will I need to reapply TenderTurf at any time?
Yes, over time your playground will have approximately 25-30% compaction, we recommend to top off the playground at that time to accommodate for the compaction.  Many customers will do a yearly top off of the playground at the beginning of the season even if they have not experienced full compaction yet due to the cosmetic look a fresh layer of TenderTurf can bring to your playground!

Where can TenderTurf be delivered?
We deliver TenderTurf throughout the entire Midwest.

How much TenderTurf can I order?
We accommodate orders from 25 cubic yards up to 1000 cubic yard orders and larger.  We do offer bulk pricing discounts for larger orders.